Dual-Monitors Full Screen Flash

UPDATE: These instructions only work on older versions ( of the Flash Player – there is an updated, easier solution here (via Lifehacker).

If you have two monitors like I do, you may like to have full-screen flash videos playing in your second monitor. There is a problem, though, that as soon as you click in a different window, the Flash goes to non-full screen. In other words, you can’t browse and have full screen flash on your second monitor.

There is a fix for this “security feature,” though. (Disclaimer: Adobe claims that this feature of auto-minimizing is integral to computer security, so proceed with caution)

  1. Make sure you have Flash player version (you can see this version information here).
  2. Open NPSWF32.dll (probably located at c:\Windows\system32\Macromed\flash\npswf32.dll) in a hex editor.
  3. Go to address 0x136340 and change byte 74 to EB.

I have tried this, and it works great. Original source here.

17 thoughts on “Dual-Monitors Full Screen Flash

  1. Shouuld mention that in Windows Vista npswf32.dll is located in windows\sysWOW64\macromed\flash

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  3. Thank you so much for this! I have been trying to figure this out forever now!

  4. Thanks, this worked for me.

    Not sure what security feature this would be for… frankly, i don’t care.

    If it requires a manual hex edit to trigger this security lapse, I’m sure that it is not a wide attack in the wild.

  5. That is awesome.

    I was suffering from this feature for some time. I have a 22″ LCD that I work on normally, and for watching films I have a 42″ Toshiba screen.

    You have just made my day :) Thanks

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  7. Thank you so much, this has been driving me crazy for years. I live in China so I watch all my TV streaming from the web.

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  9. When I tried it, it said: Cannot open file …. for write access. Access is denied. Does anyone know how to get around this?

  10. Hmm I finally was able to change the file, but it didn’t change anything…when I am gaming, and I try to watch anime on my second monitor using Veoh, it still minimizes one of them.

  11. A solution with no hack and that works with any version of flash and different web browser : flash-full-screen-multiple-monitor.clangen.com

    Just download and install “Flash Keep FullScreen” !
    It’s the easiest way I found, and it works.

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