14,170 McDonald’s Restaurant Locations

Did you know there are about fourteen thousand McDonald’s stores in the USA? 14,170 in fact, according to a script I cooked up this past weekend.

Click here to see the map!

I utilized MongoDB, Node.js, and a knowledge of REST APIs to get what I believe to be all the McDonald’s locations in the US, based on the public McDonald’s Restaurant Locator.

This gave me a CSV file with the McDonald’s locations and a lot of metadata, like this:

I then used my other project, CSV to GeoJSON, to create a GeoJSON file from the CSV. This GeoJSON file is available on my GitHub account, if you’d like to use or see a map the data.

3 thoughts on “14,170 McDonald’s Restaurant Locations

  1. Great work. Projects involving large data sets are so much fun. This makes me wonder where one should go in the continental US to be as far away from a McDonalds as possible.

  2. Gavin,
    This is pretty neat. Now I want to mash it up with some obesity or congestive heart failure demographics. :)

    By the way, I don’t know if you’ve heard of opendatastl.org. We’re a young group that’s trying to move St. Louis forward with more open data solutions. Would love if you could join us some time.

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